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Robustness, reliability and a high level of performance are enclosed inside KL series balances, that can reach a maximum capacity of 32Kg with 0,1g resolution.

The many embedded functions make these balances an ideal instrument of work for many applications inside and outside the laboratory.



  • High resolution load cell weighing system
  • External calibration
  • Metal case
  • LCD with backlight with adjustable contrast
  • Plastic protection cover
  • Under hook weighing#



  • Ioniser Ion-A15 (BL0371)
  • BEL Tablet System for balances. USB version (BL0329) or BLUETOOTH version (BL0330)
  • Bluetooth printer DPP-250-BT for Tablet system (AC013)
  • Serial Printer TLP-50, with date/time (C054)
  • Serial Printer DPP-250 (AC007)
  • Serial Printer STAT, with Statistics functions (AC022)
  • Portable rechargeable battery pack (AC015)
  • Alphanumeric external keyboard (AC005)
  • Serial to USB converter (E1002)
  • Serial cable for serial output to printer or PC (E743)
  • Factory Calibration certificate (BL0333)
Key Features: 


Capacity: 4500g/32000g

Resolution: 0,1g/1g

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