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A fusion of design and quality, precision balances S series enclose all the experience of higher class models in a small footprint portable balance.

Thanks to the BEL Engineering sophisticated software and to a high-performance load cell, these balances can reach maximum capacity of 520 grams with 0.001 grams resolution.
Solid structure, refined construction materials, ergonomic keypad and the many embedded software functions make this balance a complete product at a very competitive price, perfect for every budget, keeping the high class and quality typical of BEL.


  • High resolution load cell weighing system
  • Small footprint, portable
  • External calibration
  • LCD with backlight with adjustable contrast
  • Round glass windshield
  • Plastic protection cover
  • Operating with internal accumulator (included)

Optional functions

  • Paper Grammage Function (T219)


  • Ioniser Ion-A15 (BL0371)
  • Comunication KIT with PC for balances (BL0476)
  • BEL Tablet System for balances. USB version (BL0329) or BLUETOOTH version (BL0330)
  • Bluetooth printer DPP-250-BT for Tablet system (AC013)
  • Serial Printer TLP-50, with date/time (C054)
  • Serial Printer DPP-250 (AC007)
  • Serial Printer STAT, with Statistics functions (AC022)
  • Density KIT for solids and liquids (AC002)
  • Density KIT for solids (AC001)
  • Alphanumeric external keyboard (AC005)
  • Serial to USB converter (E1002)
  • Serial cable for serial output to printer or PC (E743)
  • Factory Calibration certificate (BL0333)
Key Features: 

Capacity: 150g/310g

Resolution: 0,001g/0,01g

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